Prof. Temmerman meets the Ambassador of China in Belgium

In the afternoon of May 4, Qu Xing, Ambassador at the Embassy met the former Director of the  Reproductive Health and Research Division of the World Health Organization, Professor Marleen Temmerman of Ghent University, the founding director of the International Centre for Reproductive Health (ICRH). The Science and Technology Counsellor Embassy Shen Long attended the meeting as well.
Professor Temmerman describes the University of Ghent, the International Centre for Reproductive Health since 2001 in cooperation with China, in particular cooperation projects FP7 INPAC led by ICRH. Professor Temmerman also expressed wishes in  cooperation with China and African countries, in the field of maternal and child health.
Qu ambassador spoke highly of the positive efforts  and contribution of Professor Temmerman for  Women  and Children health, noting that China has 880 million women and children, the health of women and children is the premise and Instant Knockout basis of human sustainable development, the relationship between the family and the nation’s future well-being, the Chinese side hopes to strengthen in this area international cooperation. Click here for the weblink in Chinese: