Maternal and child health

Despite a significant global drop, maternal and under-five mortality rates remain at unacceptably high levels, with respectively 293,000 and 6.3 million deaths in 2013. Access to- and quality of care are crucial to improve this situation. Interventions and strategies to reduce maternal and new-born mortality and morbidity are known. However, the implementation of and access to these interventions and strategies in itself is not a guarantee of improved health outcomes.
For the coming years, the priority in low and middle income countries is access to contraception and the accessibility and quality of post natal care. In high income countries, we are paying particular attention to psycho-social health during pregnancy.

Examples of projects:

  • The development of maternity shelters in Kenya where women can stay during the last weeks or days of their pregnancy, so that they are sure to be able to deliver in safe conditions.
  • Testing new and innovative ways to provide mothers in Africa shortly after delivery with information and services concerning health and contraception.