Sexual and reproductive health of adolescents

Adolescence involves major changes, not only physically but also socially, psychologically and behaviourally. During this stage of life, the basis is laid for the formation of sexual identity and for wellbeing in a person’s future sexual and reproductive life. Adolescents and youth represent approximately one fourth of the world population, and the vast majority of them (90%) are living in low and middle income countries. Ensuring their sexual and reproductive wellbeing and protecting their sexual and reproductive rights is essential for the future of society and contributes considerably to public health.
The priorities of the ICRH in this field are to investigate the relationship between the development of gender norms on the one hand and sexual health on the other, to improve accessibility and quality of sexual education and to prevent teenage pregnancies.
Examples of projects:

  • sensitize of adolescents in Latin America on sexual and reproductive health.
  • a survey among adolescents in different parts of the world on the development of perceptions and attitudes regarding sexuality.