Support us


The Marleen Temmerman Fund relies entirely on voluntary donations. Any donation, even the smallest one, helps us every day to improve the situation of numerous women and children.

You can support the Marleen Temmerman Fund by:

  • donation through bank transfer;
  • donation through a notary; or
  • will, legacy or ‘duo legate’


Donation through bank transfer

Donations can be made online or by bank transfer to our bank account number BE26 3900 9658 0329 (BIC: BBRUBEBB) with the reference ‘FWUGent/GE/124’.


Fiscal certificate.

If you donate 40 Euro or more, your donation will be fiscally deductible in Belgium. This means you will be able to recuperate up to 45% of your donation. If you wish to donate from abroad, and you wish to receive a fiscal certificate, please contact ‘Universiteitsfonds’ at tel. +32 (0)9 264 83 34 or

If you have a question on donations, please contact ‘Universiteitsfonds’ at tel. +32 (0)9 264 83 31 or



Donations trough a notary

Donations can be made officially through a notary. If you wish for instance, to donate the usufruct of a real estate property, a work of art or a large amount of money, going through a notary could be recommended.

In case of any questions, please contact ‘Universiteitsfonds’ at tel. +32 (0)9 264 83 31 or



Will, legacy or ‘duo legate’

You can donate (part of) your estate to the Marleen Temmerman Fund through a will. The Universiteitsfonds can help you to find the best way to do this.


Duo legate.

In Belgium it may be profitable for your heir to choose a ‘duo legate’. To do this, you appoint at least two beneficiaries: the people to whom you want to leave your inheritance and the Marleen Temmerman Fund.
-Ghent University will then pay all inheritance taxes, including those of the other beneficiaries.
-Your beneficiaries do not have to pay any inheritance taxes, which may in certain cases amount to 65%, depending on the degree of kinship.
Example. You don’t have children and you want to leave your estate of 300,000 Euro to your niece.
Normally your niece would pay inheritance tax of 65%, and would therefore receive only 125,000 Euro.
If you leave 50% of your estate to the Marleen Temmerman Fund in a ‘duo legate’, Ghent University will pay 8.8% inheritance tax on half of the legacy, and 65% on the part of your niece. Your niece will then receive 150,000 Euro, 25,000 Euro more than without a duo legate.


Seek advice.

A duo legate doesn’t always yield the same profit because inheritance taxes vary according to the degree of kinship. But if brothers or sisters are also beneficiaries, a ‘duo legate’ may be interesting – for instance for legacies above 250,000 Euro. We will be happy to give you advice based on your particular situation. Please contact ‘Universiteitsfonds’ at +32 (0)9 264 83 31 or



Companies can also make donations

Companies can also a donate to the Marleen Temmerman Fund, though the fiscal regulations differ from those for individuals. In fiscal year 2014, companies can donate a maximum of 500,000 Euro or 5% of their net profit.