Marleen Temmerman appointed Honorary Professor in China

On 25 October, Marleen received the title of Honorary Professor from the National Research Institute for Family Planning in China (NRIFP), in recognition of her dedication to women’s health, in particular in relation to reproductive health and family planning. With ICRH, Marleen has done ground-breaking research in China for many years, among others aimed at preventing repeat abortions. Repeat abortions are an important problem  in China, with considerable adverse impacts on the health of women. ICRH is doing research on how repeat abortions can be avoided through information, education and counselling, but also through making existing services better available to specific groups such as adolescents and unmarried women.  The current nationwide research project, involving 90 hospitals in 30 provinces, has attracted a lot of attention among policy makers, and we have good hopes that it will lead to significant preventive measures that mean a real improvement for the life and health of many women.  The appointment of Marleen as Honorary Professor is a pinnacle of Marleen’s and ICRH’s long-standing and very fruitful collaboration (since 2006) with the NRIFP, which is the sole country-level multidisciplinary research centre for research in human reproduction, family planning and reproductive health in China.