Iran reduces women to baby factories

Iran is putting forward two parliamanetary bills aimed at boosting population growth. In a newspaper article in De Morgen (in Dutch) by Ayfer Erkul we read that Amnesty International states that prohibiting sterilization and encouraging young people to marry early and have many children, reduces women to baby factories.

Human rights violations are a problem in Iran, and one of the groups most affected by this are women, says Amnesty International in the report You Shall Procreate. There is a law in the making against access to contraceptives and voluntary sterilization. And another one that gives priority for jobs to men with children over married men without children over women with children, in that order. According to the new law, interference of police and court of justice in domestic violence will be reduced and it will also become harder to divorce.

“The authorities, among whom president Hasan Rouhani, state that men and women are treated equally, but in reality this is not the case. Sexual violence and discrimination against women are widespread, and women don’t have equal rights in marriage, divorce, inheritance, traveling and even the choice of clothing.”