International Centre for Reproductive Health

The International Centre for Reproductive Health strives for sexual and reproductive health for all. Wherever in the world. And it also strives for improved accessibility of sexual and reproductive health services and a better quality of care. As a centre of expertise, we firmly adopt a global approach, and we combine several scientific disciplines such as biomedical sciences, sociology, epidemiology and law. In our work, we pay special attention to human rights and gender aspects.

The ICRH conducts projects throughout the world and is well known in the international world of science and development cooperation. In addition, the ICRH is an official partner of the World Health Organization (WHO). This reputation and these achievements are particularly remarkable because they have been realized without significant structural funding: the functioning of the ICRH is financed largely through competitive grants from different national and international organizations .

Our main topics

Within these topics we target, in addition to the general population, also specific vulnerable groups such as sex workers, refugees, asylum seekers and migrant.

Research Centre with impact

The ICRH is in the first place a research centre embedded in Ghent University. Our research is always aimed at improving the health and living conditions of the people with whom and for whom we work. In addition to research, we provide training, capacity building and services.

Please refer to HEREĀ for more information on our work.

Because women can make a difference

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